Obsessive Foreplay

You finally spot me in the crowded vestibule. I smile and take you in completely. It is a site to behold. Your beauty as well as your personality are truly and without doubt most exquisite. You lean in and kiss me softly on the lips. I stand up, pull you tightly to me in a hug and you press your lips close to my ear and whisper your apologies for making me wait. My hand slides casually down to your waist grabbing it firmly and pulling you forcefully onto me. You giggle softly as you smile at the leering old man who was watching it all and his wife, who clucks her disapproval. Your scent lingers close to my nose for a moment, god I love the way you smell. You grab my hand, giving it a squeeze and lead me into the dim, crowded bar to have a drink while we wait for our table. We slip into two empty seats and I order drinks from the bartender. A vodka martini for you and a beer for me. We slowly sip our drinks, letting all the stresses melt away with the slow burning warmth of the alcohol and talk casually about our day.
Without warning I slide my hand up your thigh, creeping up your dress. You giggle softly under your breath, letting my fingers nearly wisp the edge of your panties before catching my hand in yours and interlacing my fingers with yours. You pull my hand up to your lips, kissing each of my fingertips, playfully. But you know I am not so easily dissuaded. I hook my foot around your calf, swivelling you in your seat so that I am facing you and I slowly and gently pull your legs apart. I pull my hand from yours and lean in to kiss you, draping my arm around your waist as my other hand snakes up your leg, shielded from view by my other arm. I slide my finger along the lacy edge of your panties and stroke the smooth skin beneath. I press my lips near your ear and whisper, “Lace…perfect!” You giggle softly in my ear and catch my earlobe in your teeth as I pull away. I slide my finger along the rim of your panties, looking into your eyes with a smouldering gaze letting you know exactly what I want. As I slide my hand towards your ass the pager goes off, indicating our table is ready. It vibrates on the mahogany bar top, startling you and causing my hand to slip out.
You quickly stand and straighten your dress, which has twisted askew and begin to walk to the hostess station. I wrap my arm around your middle, grazing my hand along your breast and kissing the curve of your neck. I can see you shiver as my lips linger momentarily before I release you to continue walking. We slide into our table, a small “U” shaped booth facing out from the wall. It’s near the large fire hearth in the main dining room. We go through the wine selection ritual and order our dinner. You see me smile mischievously and I point out to you that we have the prime table to be seen by all. You smirk slightly, knowing I will take full advantage of this. I slide my hand up your thigh beneath the table cloth. You giggle softly as my hand slides farther up your leg, pushing your panties aside and placing my fingers onto your already wet pussy. You sigh softly and close your eyes as I slowly circle your clit. You try your best to sip at the wine, but your hips won’t remain still. You grind slowly against my hand as I enjoy your facial contortions. Your eyes close and your breathing gets ragged. I mockingly remind you to keep it together, but I know you’re close to exploding. You squeeze my leg tightly, closing your eyes you lean your head back against the booth as the orgasm takes over you.
Our waiter arrives. You compose yourself and smile at her as she drops the food on our table and makes a hasty exit. We quickly eat and when the waiter offers dessert I smirk and tell him I have dessert planned at home. She blushes and fumbles nervously as I pay the bill and leave her a tip. We leave the restaurant and walk down the street to my apartment, teasing and nuzzling each other into a frenzy. As we enter the building, I pull you into the stairway and we climb up to the roof. I can’t help but admire your thick fat ass. We reach the open roof and you waste no time pressing me onto the wall. You fumble with my trousers and I cheekily protest but you insist. You drop to your knees on the flat concrete floor and take my cock slowly into your mouth, savouring the taste of it. A low guttural moan escapes your throat as your lips and tongue work their way down my shaft. You’ve always being turned on when your mouth is stuffed. This drive gives you motivation to suck things dry and for sure, in a matter of a few minutes I was close to the edge. I pulled you up, kissing you passionately as I pushed you back against the brick wall. I lift you by your waist and you wrap your legs around me. I enter you and you use the wall to leverage yourself, grinding on my cock as I drive in and out of you. We kiss frantically, hard and wet; not caring how much noise we are making or who hears us or discovers us.
We get lost in the moment that there is nothing around us but each other. You whisper in my ear how good I feel inside you. I wrap my arms around you tightly and you grind on me till you squirt all over me. That drives me over the edge and I cum deep inside you. We slide down the wall to the floor, intertwined but exhausted. Our lips remain on each other, not wanting to be an inch apart. Our bodies sticky and wet melt together. I explore your body with my tongue and hands, creating a mental record of every sensitive spot that causes a shiver.
Marking my territory.
Owning it.
Dominating it.

I’m obsessed!

Cum & Syrup 

​I turned, just in time to catch her fingers sinking in. They poked, finally getting under the rim of her lace panties. Using her thumb and forefinger, she tagged tightly and pushed them down. Wiggling out of them seductively. They snaked their way down her leg and fell to the floor. Her gaze was fixated on the handcuffs rotating on the rim of my forefinger. I looked up only to see chocolate syrup pouring out of her mouth. The bottle barely clinging to her lips. I followed the trace of sticky syrup. As it slowly creeped out of the sides of her mouth, down her chin only to spill on her cleavage. Splashing recklessly on her titties. It then ached its way down her stomach and settled on her navel, pausing for a moment then proceeding down her mound of Venus. Curving right through her neatly trimmed pubic hair, to gloriously land on her clit. It then dripped to the floor where her panties lay. Soiling them with sugary delight.

I moved closer to her just to magnify the scenery. She placed the bottle of chocolate syrup on the kitchen counter, watching in anticipation as I descended to my knees. I placed the handcuffs down beside me. Reaching behind her left knee, I gently lifted her leg, helping her out of her syrup covered panties. I spread her wide, admiring the delights before me. The combined aroma of her cum and the syrup drove me wild. With both hands I grabbed her ass and pulled her closer. Her sex fell in position, right above my mouth. I dove in tongue first, lapping gently at the dripping cum and syrup. Her body shuddered as the tip of my tongue caressed her bud. I squeezed her chubby ass cheeks, watching as a long moan escaped her. My mouth opened wide, ready to consume her. The intention of devouring her entire sex openly declared. I swallowed both Cunt and Clit! First sucking hard to draw out her sweet cum. Then pulled at her sensitive clit, eating it to my heart’s desire. Her knees buckled at the sudden attack. Reaching for the kitchen counter, she lay back against it and used her elbows for support. I held her legs apart and slid my tongue inside her. I pushed it in and pulled it out, pushed it deeper and pulled it out. Repeating it… once… twice… thrice… Her breathing became erratic and she moaned uninhibited. She was ready. It was time. She held my head in place and proceeded to grind her cunt onto my face.

Right at the brink of her orgasm, I grabbed her panties then the handcuffs. Pushing her hand away from my head, I worked my way up her body, cleaning the trace of syrup right to her mouth with one sweep. Our lips touched, only to strategically step back, replacing them by stuffing her syrup coated panties in her mouth. I secured her wrists with my pair of handcuffs. I wrapped my left hand around her back, lifting her off the counter and turning her round in one swift motion. Using the handcuffs, I lifted her wrists up, hanging them on the deliberately placed hook on the wall. Her ass stuck backwards towards me and I couldn’t help but spank it hard several times. She groaned and moaned in her panties; arousing I further. I moved directly behind her, squatting and inspecting the state of her yoni and sure enough to my approval, it was drenched…

Drenched in cum and syrup!

The Confessions of a Submissive

I loved licking your cunt. I couldn’t deny myself such a pleasure after the first time. I was addicted to your taste. Pressing my face onto your thick bush, I inhaled your thick humid musk just when I knew you were really turned on. The tickle of your curly pubes on my little nose was nostalgic. I loved pulling your lips apart with my tongue, opening the jungle of your fur to find your succulent pink valley. Sinking deep into your hot slick abyss. Lapping at your cunt while sitting on the floor beneath your spread legs. Curling up under your thighs to get the whole length of your cunt. Being completely subservient to your sex; this is where I belonged.

Looking up and seeing your face I could tell you were in heaven, but my intentions were to take you beyond and so I descended further underneath, contorting myself and urging you closer to the edge of the bed. You thought you realised what I was up to but it caught you by surprise when I reached down around your ass and pull your cheeks apart, exposing your dark, snug treasure. You did not resist and I watched you pucker in anticipation and shock as my tongue plunged in. The aroma of your tight, naughty hole immediately hit me. My tongue was defiant and it wormed itself inside you through the resisting sphincter, wriggling as deep as it could. I heard you grunting and felt you slide your ass downward onto my face. I tongue fucked you deeper, successfully inserting the full length of my tongue in you, giving you what I knew you wanted. The satisfaction you craved.

She suddenly descended from above. She was always one for dramatic entrances. Her instructions were the law. Like scriptures they were meant to be obeyed without question. In a ritualistic ceremony we worshiped together. She was the priestess and we were her followers. Our encounters were always spiritual, steamy, intoxicating and most of all dangerous. You and I were too far gone to stop. We were true parishioners. Truly addicted to her doctrine. Yet the situation always seemed to escalate when she joined us.

This time her face was right next to mine. I refused to acknowledge her presence knowing it would not sit well with her. She licked your clit from above as I serviced you from below. She abruptly stopped licking you, grabbed my head and pulled me up to her face. My tongue popped out from between your ass. She sucked it, consuming its contents with ferocity and passion. She then rotated her tongue over my lips, smearing your sex all over them before ending it with a light kiss. She went ahead and forced my face between your ass cheeks once again. I obliged without resistance and with that she re-established who the dominant was. Staring at me I knew what she wanted me to do. I had no choice but to stick my tongue back into your ass. She buried her face in your cunt once more and proceeded to use her whole face to make you climax.

I could feel your muscles start to clench and knew it wasn’t long before you erupted. She was determined to make your first experience mind blowing. You leaned backward, gasping as soon as her tongue was inside your cunt while her nose found your clit and rubbed up and down. As this happened, my tongue was rimming you, drawing circles around your puckered hole. You covered your mouth preventing any form of noise that dared to emerge. The overload of sensations took control over you. You bucked wildly in attempt to clench your legs around our heads to stop us, but she knew this part well. She knew it too well. She forcefully kept your legs apart as she used her tongue and mouth to deliver the final blow.

Your hands fell to your side grabbing the sheets tightly. Your torso arched upwards as you clenched every muscle in your body. You started shaking violently and no longer able to contain yourself, you let out a shuttering scream. She reached down, grabbed my face and pressed my head hard against your cumming cunt, milking every bit of your sweet nectar. You stopped screaming and your eyes suddenly rolled back as my mouth drunk you up. She ordered me to stop as soon as the fourth consecutive orgasm hit you, only to watch the fifth and sixth engulf you as your body vibrateduncontrollably. The sight of you cumming hard made me so wet my cunt leaked leaving a noticeable trace down my leg. I watched as a smile emerged from the corner of her mouth, indicating her satisfaction in your initiation. You finally stopped shaking and passed out due to exhaustion; spent and satisfied.

She turned to me, looked at the line of cum down my leg and lifted her head to look me in the eye. The same smile appeared on her face and I shuddered at the thought of what was about to happen.

Bowing my head in shame, I accepted my fate and spread my legs.

Come Again? Orgasm Privilege, Casual Sex, and Female Pleasure

A lot of my friends have being complaining about male privileges of late.It is a topic that needs to be addressed everywhere especially in our dark-skinned continent where women’s sexuality is supposedly ignored, viewed as sinful and is greatly ostracised. This is about women’s denied sexual privileges and the sexual revolution as a whole.  It was therefore only fair to them to post this article by Lauren Ingram to support their claims.

“This article addresses heterosexual women and their experiences with orgasms. Whilst it discusses vaginas, under no circumstances do genitals determine gender.” Lauren Ingram

Say the words orgasm and privilege in a sentence, and what comes into most people’s minds is the privilege men have during sexual encounters; the ability to ‘spill their seed’ on most occasions, and the focus our culture has on male pleasure over female pleasure.

But here’s the thing; I have orgasm privilege.

(Hashtag humblebrag).

In a world where many women find orgasms elusive, they’re a common occurrence for me, solo or partnered, even if my bedfellow isn’t trying very hard. I can only name a handful of times a sexual encounter in my adult life didn’t result in orgasm, mostly because I was very drunk when they occurred. Consensual sexual encounters, and the associated orgasms I experienced, were always extremely pleasurable experiences, ones I have craved and enjoyed in various forms since I was a teenager.

I am a rarity. Sometimes I feel a tad like a real-life Samantha Jones (although without the witty comebacks, fabulous PR job, and colourful wardrobe).

Samantha: I lost my orgasm.

Carrie: In the cab?

Charlotte: What do you mean, lost?

Samantha: I mean, I spent the last two hours fucking with no finale.

Carrie: It happens. Sometimes you just can’t get there.

Samantha: I can always get there.

Charlotte: Every time you have sex?

Carrie: She’s exaggerating! Please say you’re exaggerating.

Samantha: Well, I’ll admit I have had to polish myself off once or twice, but yes! When I RSVP to a party I make it my business to come!

The fact is, that whilst the majority of men — around 90-95% — reach orgasm during heterosexual sex, the figure is much lower for women. In the Australian Study of Health and Relationships [ASHR] conducted in 2013, 92% of men said they came the last time they had sex, compared with only 66% of women. An informal survey conducted in the US by Cosmopolitan last year reported similar findings, with 57% of women reporting they regularly experienced an orgasm during sex, but saying that their partners climaxed 95% of the time.

This difference between men and women’s experiences with sex has been referred to as the ‘orgasm gap’. With more discussion and research on the topic, young women are speaking out about feeling disappointed by their experiences of sex. The sexual revolution, pop culture, and porn had promised them everything and given them nothing. With better access to birth control and less social stigma around women having sex before marriage, women today seemingly have it much better than the generations before them.

But whilst many women are now free to have sex on their terms, they may not be having good sex. This has led, Alana Massey says, to a new age of not sex positivism for women, but what she dubs ‘sex blah-sitivism’. “For women who have sex with men, some of the most disappointing experiences in life are sex with men. We tell women to have sex with as many partners as they like, but then don’t vigorously encourage those partners to be any good at sex,” Massey writes in The Guardian.

Apps like Tinder and OKCupid are flourishing, and the millennial ‘hook up culture’ is leading baby boomers to have heart attacks and write scathing op-eds. We’re being told that we live in a sexual utopia, with gender norms all but gone and new partners only a finger swipe away, but women are still having mediocre sex. Meanwhile men, fed on a diet of pornography and objectification of women, are demanding more hardcore sex acts from women for their own pleasure.

The question remains: are women any freer now if they’re having more sex, but it’s just as average as before the advent of the sexual revolution?

Quality matters, and whilst it’s an imperfect method, the statistics on the orgasm gap are being used as an example of the inequalities in the way men and women experience sex. In Cosmo’s survey, 40% of women said that they are most likely to experience an orgasm when masturbating, indicating that it’s not that women can’t orgasm, but that their partners aren’t pushing the right buttons during het sex. This is partially biological; most women require clitoral stimulation to orgasm, which het penetrative sex does not provide. But there’s also historical and social factors which affect women’s experiences, and the way men approach female bodies.

It’s only in the last fifty years that everyday women have begun to embrace their sexuality and sexual desires. Whilst there were certainly exceptions — think women like Madame du Barry, mistress to King Louis XV, or fetish model Bettie Page — largely, ‘respectable’ women were not allowed to express an interest in sex; at least not openly. Those who did were outcast from society, and in extreme cases, committed to asylums. In many cultures, it was determined that female sexuality was either non-existent or dangerous, and must be controlled by men. Sex was purely for men’s pleasure; women were advised to ‘lay back and think of England’ until it was over.

These perceptions and prejudices are still evident in the modern world, from dress codes in high schools banning teenage girls from showing their shoulders, to the prevalence of the Madonna-whore complex, to female genital mutilation. But they’re also present in consensual heterosexual sex. For years, the majority of anything relating to sex — from pornography, to articles in magazines, to research into sex based disorders — has focused on cis, heterosexual men. It’s the reason we have Viagra, why AIDs wasn’t treated seriously when first discovered, and why porn finales centre on the male orgasm.

This imbalance misconstrue idea of sex and pleasure for both men and women. A staggering 72% of women Cosmo surveyed said that they had a male partner climax but made no attempt to help them reach orgasm. It may be decades since the sexual revolution, but for many women sex is still, largely, about men’s pleasure. Whilst women are now allowed to enjoy sex, the act itself is about what feels good for a man. Many women, who have resigned themselves to orgasm-less sex, feel pressured to act like they’re enjoying it, even if they aren’t. Sex becomes performative, lest women hurt their partner’s feelings.

So it comes to this; women must act like they’re enjoying sex, even if they aren’t, because men want to feel like their partner is having a good time whilst only focusing on their own pleasure. It’s a strange catch-22 — we’re being told that women should like and enjoy sex, but only as a side effect of the sex that feels good for men.

Some of what is causing the orgasm gap and ‘blah’ sex women are experiencing is a general ignorance about women’s bodies. Despite the importance of clitoral stimulation to most women, people of both genders are actually unsure of its location. But it can go beyond simple ignorance about stimulation. Society has entrenched a hatred of vulvas into men, and women too. Cunt is generally considered the most obscene, insulting word in the English language. Vaginas are seen as dirty and ugly, especially during menstruation. Some straight men openly express their disgust with vaginas, leading to incredible feelings of self-consciousness for their female partners.

In the end, part of the reason men don’t put effort into pleasuring women is because they don’t appreciate or understand body parts that are not their own. They barely comprehend the functions, let alone the beauty, of the vulva, labia, and clitoris. At best they are intrigued but mystified; at worst they only see a cunt as a hole to enable their own pleasure.

Women shouldn’t have to put up with subpar sex and fewer orgasms. The very personal is political, yet for years women have been putting up with orgasm-less sex. We should be fighting for equality not only in boardrooms and on the streets, but in our bedrooms. Nicki Minaj, feminist hero and icon, says she speaks up and doesn’t accept being with a guy who won’t go to the effort to give her an orgasm.

“I demand that I climax. I think women should demand that. I have a friend who’s never had an orgasm in her life. In her life! That hurts my heart. It’s cuckoo to me. We always have orgasm interventions where we, like, show her how to do stuff. We’ll straddle each other, saying, ‘You gotta get on him like that and do it like this.’ She says she’s a pleaser. I’m a pleaser, but it’s fifty-fifty,” Nicki said.

I’m lucky in that I rarely need to demand orgasms. I’m a magical unicorn that perpetrates the myth that having enjoyable sex means you need to have multiple orgasms. My body just happens to react well to heteronormative penetrative sex (amongst other things) so even if a guy isn’t making an effort, it’s easy for me to come. But the fact is, every woman’s body is different.

The problem lies, it seems, with preconceived ideas about what constitutes sex, and what you need to do and experience to have good sex. As author of The Sex Myth, Rachel Hills, pointed out in an interview with India Trending Now these ideas are reinforced by our culture; “Media and popular culture sell us the idea that good sex can be achieved by following a formula: do X move for Y duration and mix it up with a bit of Z and you’ll be amazing in bed.”

Part of the formula for ‘good sex’ is, according to representations of sex in the media, orgasms from both parties. And whilst orgasms are great, the reason we focus so heavily on them is a result of a male-dominated culture, as well as a hangover from puritanical notions that sex is only for reproductive purposes. Why do we make orgasm the sole marker of what is an acceptable and pleasurable sexual experience?

Maybe orgasm privilege isn’t a privilege at all. Maybe it just feels that way because whilst we have more freedom to have casual sex, we’re still clinging onto other old-school thoughts about what sex is and isn’t. Letting go of orgasms might make for better sexual experiences for both parties, free of the pressure to reach the big O.

That being said, orgasms do feel good. Very good. And if women want them, but they’re being held back from getting them because of stereotypes, miseducation, and male disinterest, that should change. Part of that change comes from empowering women to talk about orgasms without shame or embarrassment.

Orgasms are creating a divide between women; those with ‘orgasm privilege’ who can reach climax easily, and the rest, who feel left out in the cold. It’s time for women to demand that their bodies be given the intimate attention and pleasure that men enjoy without a second thought. Second wave feminists fought for the right for women to have sex without consequence; let’s fight for the right for women to actually enjoy it as much as possible.

Now is the time to bring this issue to a head and demand equality. It shouldn’t be up to individual women to school their male partners; we need to change our culture so that men are expected to put in all effort necessary to pleasure the women they’re sleeping with. This is a dawn of a new sexual revolution, and we should all come together to make sure that women get the orgasms they are rightfully owed.

I enjoy sex. I enjoy orgasms. And I enjoy creating a society where women not only possess the freedom to have the sex that they want, but the justice to have the good sex that they deserve — whether that includes an orgasm or not.

-Lauren Ingram

So ladies and gentlemen what do you think about this?


I believe it’s a God given right. I say this with all seriousness and purpose. The clit is the only organ that is solely dedicated to sexual pleasure in a woman and has or serves no other purpose. Whether you’re religious or not I believe that the man upstairs wouldn’t have given women this ‘gift’ if he didn’t want her to have it appreciated and used. Hence, it’s every woman’s God given right to receive not just any old oral but good oral – Amen?! Secondly, bear in mind the clit has 8,000 nerve-endings in it – that’s 8,000 sensory reciprocals in an area the size of a pea. It’s easy to appreciate why it’s a source of so much pleasure.
Giving good oral isn’t as you see on pornographic films; you just don’t open her lick and vigorously flick your tongue on her clit! There are techniques that can be used that will offer her a myriad of sensations all of which lead to one ultimate outcome, a good orgasm.

The long lick: this technique is a basic one but when done correctly can be highly effective. With mouth relaxed but open press your tongue flat at the base/lower end of the woman’s vulva (similar to licking an ice-cream or lollies) slowly slide your tongue upwards between her lips – the aim is to move as slow as possible. As you slide upwards feel her lips part, wrap around and then meet again as your tongue slides upwards. As you move close to her entrance the nature urge (and motion) will be to let your tongue slide inside her – don’t. Her body will be expecting this, don’t give her, make her want, beg, and yearn for it. If it helps apply less pressure as you slide your tongue over her entrance. This can actually be a good thing as the lighter upward stroke will tease her. Continue to slide your tongue upwards towards her clit and as you reach it pause, don’t lick it. Again her body will want & expect you to lick it so don’t give her. Start the process again. This technique can be done as a prelude/ a ‘cool down’ between the other techniques.

The suck (variations): many have the belief that all it takes is to clap your lips over her clit suck for Queen and country. Remember the biology of the clit, 8,000 nerve-endings or more – that’s a lot of sensation in a small focused spot. Therefore when sucking on a woman’s clit it needs to be done with care and consideration. Using the pads of the thumbs gently fold back the folds of skin covering the clit. This obviously exposes the clit and allows you mouth to cover it directly. When sucking the clit close lips around the area of the clit and suck softly, lightly. A trick when is to try flick or wiggle your tongue on the top of the clit. This will give a double sensation of stimulation and thus pleasure. A further add-on to sucking is to rotate your head as you suck. This will gently pull on and extend the clit and move it in a circular motion.
You must take care to
1. Not move too much, slight and subtle motions.
2. You don’t suck too hard. One final tip is to vary the pace and pattern of sucking i.e sucking fast (but still softly) or sucking in a rhythmic pattern.

Writing: It’s as easy as ABC with this technique. Here you trace letter shapes or words with the tip of your tong on either the woman’s clit or over her vulva (lips). If you really want to stamp your mark you can you write your name? Personally, I like to write a poem the motion doesn’t have to be English language shapes. If you’re bilingual you can use characters from other languages i.e Chinese or Arabic.
The lullaby: With this little beauty of a technique you try to emulate the trusty rabbit or bullet and make your lips vibrate on her clit. Here you make your lips form the shape as if you were sucking on a straw. Gently place over her clit and hum her favourite song. It can be a slow song, hip hop, and dancehall, drum n bass or even classical. The aim is to create a rhythmic beat/melody while your lips rest on her clit.
Head rotation & motion: I touched on this already; so not much to add. Here you can move your head in various motions, circles, side-to-side (like you’re saying No) or the nodding motion. The pace and intensity of the motion can vary. However, rule number 1 applies so be gently and considerate in your motion. This technique is great for combining with other techniques e.g. lullaby.

Nose nuzzle: this one isn’t every one’s cup of tea (giver and receiver) but I find it adds a different and new sensation to the catalogue of tricks. It’s described as where you nuzzle your nose up and down between her lips. It doesn’t sound like anything special but can work wonders if she’s hyper sensitive. If your tongue is long enough you can nuzzle and lick at the same time.
French kiss: I would hope this is self-explanatory. However, for the sake of not making assumptions I’ll explain. French kissing is where you kiss her vulva and entrance as if you were kissing her mouth. Kiss her vulva with that same gentle passion, the loving, soft pout of your lips. Use your tongue and slide it inside her as if it were her mouth. Explore, caress, and stroke her walls as if it were her mouth. Playfully suck and pull on her lips as if they were the lips on her mouth, suck on each one. Twist and turn your head as you kiss her down there. Be slow, delicate, focused and considered in how you use your mouth and tongue. Kissing is an art form and being able to do it good, down below, is an even great art.

Tongue fuck: this technique isn’t as straight forward as most believe. Tongue fucking a woman requires considered motion and precision – not to mention a strong tongue and steady neck. Its best she’s on her back legs either spread wide or knees tucked up into her chest. You then have two basic options. The first is to place your mouth over her entrance, mouth slightly open. Then you slowly slide your tongue in and out. The aim isn’t to push in as far as possible but to just extend it far enough to make her entrance open slightly. To add a little flavour you can slide your tongue in and out at angles. Remember to keep you head still and mouth in one place. She’ likely to move and whine against your tongue movement so just focus on keeping still and dictate movement. Your other option is where your neck goes to work. You stick your tongue out and bob your head up and down, gently at first then build up as she builds up. As above the aim is to only slide your tongue just past her entrance. Also you can vary your head-angle by twisting your head side-to-side. If you want (and she likes the thrill of you being powerful and dominant) place your hands on the back of her thighs and hold her legs open. If you tongue fuck her right she’ll be wiggling and turning with intense pleasure so you’ll be able to hold her still and punish-pleasure her.

The flick: Again this is a technique that is often done wrong or considered a fail-safe, anyone can do it. You can move your tongue either side-to-side or up and down. To get the most out of this technique you fold back the skin covering the clit so its exposed and ready to receive your tongue, it has no place to hide. You can either place your mouth close to the clit or actually put your mouth on it. You should start slow so that your tongue can fell the nub of the clit move as your tongue does. Really take the time to feel how it moves as you move your tongue. Vary the speed by all means, it will keep her body guessing what’s next. Another tip is to rotate or twist your head side-to-side as you flick. There are areas and sides of the clit that are more sensitive than others. Moving your head will help your discover those zones.

Tongue tube: this is for those that have the gift of being able to roll their tongue into a tube. Place your rolled tongue on the clit and slide it up and down (do a nodding motion) over the clit. This has the sensation of wrapping the clit in a soft tunnel of soft wetness (men, it’s basically a similar sensation & pleasure as her giving you head). This is an advanced technique and requires practice to get right (that and a long tongue).

Orbital: going down on a woman isn’t about just licking at some ferocious speed and sucking like your life depended on it. It’s a delicate, focused, unhurried, prolonged indulgence. The orbital technique is a good basis of this philosophy. Here you use your tongue to circle around her clit… Slowly. You can choose to keep your tongue still and rotate your head or rotate you tongue. The aim is to tease the clit, to build up the anticipation, prolong the pleasure.

Mix and blend: it is a cocktail of all the above. Think of this technique as the cosmopolitan cocktail for your tongue. You can start with the orbital, move into nose nuzzle, add some writing, throw in some sucking, a dash of lullaby, a splash of French kiss then top it off with some sucking. I’m sure it’ll be a cocktail that have her intoxicated with pleasure.

Remember to take time to listen and observe her responses. Pay attention to how she moves, her breathing, her moans, her eyes, her legs… they are all signs to show if you’re doing something good. I cannot stress it enough when I say every woman is different; some will cum by tongue fucking, others only by orbital. Ask her what she likes (while you’re going down on her or when she’s not about to cum on your tongue).
Remember to have fun, play, indulge and explore.
It’s been a pleasure ladies & gentlemen.


It has come to my attention that the situation is worse than I thought.

These instructions are to those who are owned.
For they may have forgotten who and what they are as dictated by their
nature and how they are supposed to behave.
To ensure future clarity, a re-enforcement is in order.
Let’s begin.

On your knees,
(I pull her hair back to approximate the depth of her thought)
Repeat after me,

Master, I will trust to you,
My heart, my soul, my form,
I trust you to take care of them,
And do no lasting harm,
To use the many tools you have,
And bend me to your will,
Take me through pain to pleasure,
With artistry and skill.

Master, I will yield to you,
My body yours to own,
A plaything and an instrument –
Sweet music of my moans.
My skin is but a canvas,
To paint with stripe and bruise,
I give to you my fullest trust,
And by doing so reach my edge.

Master tie me now with ropes,
And send me to sub-space,
Away from harsh reality,
To my private, inner place;
I give to you my mind and form,
And this of my free will,
For you to cherish as your own,
And do as you please, till satisfaction is achieved.

Good girl.
Now open your mouth.


The feeling was strong
It had been so long
Her yoni on fire
Yet wet with desire
Consumed by frustration
The cure, masturbation
She tore off her vest
And reached for her breast
In a state of pure lust
She clawed at her bust
Squeezed,stroked and teased
Nipples stiffened, pleased
She played with each nipple
Her body did ripple
Then her hand found
Her pantied mound
And her lip she bit
As she rubbed her hot clit
Stroking each thigh
She let out a sigh
Panties pulled to one side
Fingers slipped inside
A satisfied grunt
As she fingered her cunt


I want to create circles
Use my tongue and have it orbit your nib
Whirl around the ring of your entrance
Taste you until your waters spiral
Draw loops
Until your eyes spin
Trace hoops over your rose bud
Cause your head to rotate
Coil my lips around your pearl
Make your hips rotate
Cause your waistline to gyrate
Outline spherical shapes
Move my tongue in globular motion
Halo shape
Until you begin to ascend to heaven
Cause your heart to swirl
Have your blood spin
Your head loop
Breath coil
Diaphragm whirl
You become a cyclone of tension
And your body unravels
I want to create circles

-Mr. E


I love the way you grab them sheets when I taste you
It’s art
You create sculptures of cotton works
Mould them into creative expressions of pleasure
Convey the artistic imagination of my tongue strokes

I love the way you grab them sheets when I slide my tongue inside you
It’s colours
The red of passion
The aqua of tranquillity
Blues of openness
The green of organic delights
Purple hues of inner fulfilment
It’s a kaleidoscope of tingles

I love the way you grab them sheets the way my tongue circles your nib
It is words
Eloquent dialogue spasms
Intelligent rhetoric shudders
Philosophical wondering of pulses
It is it’s own language
An accent
Prolific articulation of graceful profanity

I love the way you grab them sheets when my lips envelope your rose bud and gently pull it into bloom
It is emotion
Tornado rage
Joyful delight
Stunned surprise
Dizzy confusion
Pleading longing
It is a beautiful contradiction
Demanding surrender

I love when you grab them sheets when I taste you …

It’s how you communicate to me.


This is how it always ends.
With death.
But first there was life.
Hidden beneath the blah, blah, blah, blah.
It is all settled beneath the chitter-chatter and the noise.
Silence and sentiment.
Emotion and fear.
The haggard, inconstant flashes of beauty.
And then the wretched squalor and miserable humanity.
All buried under the cover of the embarrassment of being in the world.

Blah, blah, blah, blah.

Beyond, there is what lies beyond.
I don’t deal with what lies beyond.
Let this novel begin.
After all… It’s just a trick.

Yes, it’s just a trick.